From Buenos Aires, Argentina. Clarita's first Tikis were made in 2001 for an Argentinian Surf band to use in their shows. Since then, she went thru different mediums like wax, Epoxy Sculpt or bamboo, to give life to her creations. She takes the idea and shape of the Tiki Totems but instead of the traditional polynesian gods, she carves designs that are meaningful to her, telling thru her work a lot of her personal story.

She started her artistic career studying hand made animation (stop-motion), then worked for the film and TV industry doing props, set finish and FXs. In the meantime she kept alive her sculpting hobby, where she could be authentic, producing The Gargoyle series, Betty and some Latex Objects (you can check them out on gallery below). That's the same style of working she wants to bring to her Tikis, taking the time for her designs to be as great as they can be, without the pressure that artists feel about having to work fast or for the money. This way she intends to make pieces with mana in them.

All the designs, modelling, carving, mold making and casting of all the pieces featured in this web site were made by Clarita.
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