"I want to say thank you very much to all my talented Tiki Friends, that have been supporting me along this time, giving me strength to keep going and making the journey great.

Specially to Benzart for all his generous and loving support, I couldn't have done much without him, he is very important to me.
Little Lost Tiki for his kindness and also for introducing me to Tiki Central, place that I appreciatte very much too.
And Tiki-Ray for helping me so much and being so cool.

One very big and special, I love you, to my Mom for everything. I couldn't have done anything with out her, she was my number one fan, my favorite artist and my best friend.
Another big and special one to Faber for helping me always with everything, Love you.
And thanks to the friends here for their support too.

A hug to Holden at Tiki Farm for kicking my butt back into gear. Here's the awesome mug they've made based on one of my bamboo designs. 
Click on the thumb to see it bigger.

And also to Bowana for his crazy and amazing Hoku Ili story, with the help of Paipo and Tama, featuring Tim Harro and Buzzy as special guests.
You guys really made me smile big time with this. Thanks so much!
It's a story based on one of my candle designs, that happend spontaneously , on my thread at Tiki Central. You can see it's original version here or click the thumb below to see the condensed version.

Love you guys, thanks from the bottom of my heart"



Thanks DachoX for the logo too.

Some Comments taken from Clarita's Tiki Central thread, by only SOME of all the talented and nice artists you can find there.

Hey Clarita, I just GOTTA Tell yo how Incredibly AWESOME your tikis are!
The colors are beautiful, the sculpting is Unbelievable and your Presentation
is Outta this World! I'm JEALOUS! HappyHappyHappy

-Little Lost Tiki-
Tiki Central
Clarita, Aloha!
(meet Clarita,she's a great lady and artist/sculptor from Buenos Aires,Argentina.
heck out some of her work on her myspace site. 
Her Tiki Tormento & Tiki Toti are pretty awesome! (Tiki Toti makes me grin ear to ear!)
You should share some of your work in a post here in Other Crafts!
Clarita,you are also a kind and cool soul and I'm glad you finally decided to join the Tiki Central Ohana!
The Talent Pool here just keeps growing and growing! Here's a picture of some of Clarita's work
(the above mentioned Tiki Tormento & Tiki Toti ) Pretty Sweet,eh? Keep your eyes peeled for this gal!
Over and out!

Welcome aboard! Your sculpting is awesome! When and how can we buy these???

Tiki Central
Clarita have cute accent. GROG like.

-Sam Gambino Art-
Hi Clarita- You do some beautiful work!

Wow - the translucency really brings your design to life. Beautiful work Clarita!
This thread is a shining beacon of what good Poly Pop tikis should look like. Not only original in conception and crisp in execution, but also the challenge of the material...using the basic building unit of the tiki bar itself. The latest one is a stunner Clarita!

Tiki Central
Love your style Clarita, please know your work is often admired and sits proudly in my collection :)

This girl always blows me away . She comes up with some crazy completely original designs . They are simple yet intricate . And then she dares you to burn them . I love it , Ray Clarita , you are truly amazing and one of the most talented and underrated artists out there . I fell in love with your work the minute I saw it . You have a fresh new look at things like Paipo. I get many compliments on my candle collection . But I just tell everyone that I made them . hahaha

Im just seeing these new pieces for the first time. ooOOOOOo aaaaAAAAHHHHH WWWOOOOOOWWW I've never seen anything like them

Clarita, This body of work is truly excellent :-) You have a remarkably skilled hand. Please keep posting! Wonderful, just wonderful!

-Queen Kamehameha-
Mojave Oasis
very nice Clarita! unusual and cool!

¡Buen trabajo, Amiga! ¡Me gustan!

The Jungalero Lounge
WOW, Clarita --those are the coolest things I've seen in a long time! You should be very proud!

My Space
Must say, that I salute your designs for the uniqueness. There is nothing comparable to this.
I like the tiki-o-billy the most, that is exactly my style.

Tiki Central
Great stuff, Clarita love it. You for sure have a style that people are gona love.

I don't think it's possible to refine your style any it??!!

Tiki Central
More great work Clarita.....just like we expect. Your designs are always fresh and fun.

-Lake Surfer-
Tiki Central
Another awesome carve Clarita! I love the adition of the plant to the tiki! It fits in perfect. You've got excellent design skills and each of these bamboo guys gets better and better!

Tiki Central
Clarita - You definately have a unique style of your own. You are on to something good so keep it up.

Clarita, awesome tikis, love the last bamboo guy, I carved bamboo once and cut my hand, it's really hard to carve right. So kudos for such a nice one, deep cuts too... amazing!!