Tiki Girl

"Tiki-Girl is my homage to cool women. The ones that, other than posing and looking pretty, want to be good at something important to their souls.
Sometimes it seems the only women worth portraying by artists are the sexy type, just standing there being pretty and inviting. Sometimes exotic, or a city girl, or a beach girl, or a housewife. I get that, but always?
I admire a lot more the women that do something that they love. It's nice to be sexy and all, but is that it? What will they do when they get old? I would love to meet a lot more women that other than a sexy thing, want to be people too. With a mind, with dreams, talents and flaws, opinions. Not just that perfect still picture, sexyness, and nothing else.
Are we always going to be "women & men"? Isn't it already the time to start being a little more human, less about the body and more about what goes on inside?...